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About Us

We are a premium bamboo bong brand passionate about smoking weed and the meaningful moments this unique experience creates.

Our eco-friendly brand embodies the idea of an exotic smoking experience over anything. Experiences create memories, and these last a lifetime. Keep your memories close, get our classic bongs or our custom bongs, where personalized designs can be engraved.

Using quality bamboo and craftsmanship, we create unique bongs that are cheap, durable, recyclable and eco-friendly. We also offer custom engraved bongs with the style of your choice. 

 Based out of Los Angeles and recognized globally, as a company and community, we focus on traveling to new places, creating new products and commemorating life’s moments along our unique bamboo bongs.

Whether you’d like to experience an unforgettable smoking journey or a personal eco-friendly adventure, our bongs will allow you to remember your best experiences and will follow you in the best moments of your life.



We are a premium smoking brand that designs the finest bamboo bongs in the World. Each and every bong classic or custom is completely unique and the creation process begins only once an order is placed. It is very important to us that each piece is made from start to finish upon order, rather than holding bulk inventory, as each piece represents a unique experience and story to be told.